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CT : Athelliarch Angellith by ChiChiCuit
CT : Athelliarch Angellith


Name : Athelliarch Angellith reff : Athell Reff
Job : White Mage
Race : Hume
Age : 19
Sex : Female
Height : 159cm/5'2"

Character Traits :
Hard-working | Loyal | Helpless | Kind | Just | Stoic | Naive | Stubborn | Thoughtful

Likes :
- The Moon, Sun, Dawn & Dusk, simply lights in general x'D
- The color white
- Nice people
- Peaceful
- Propriety

Dislikes :
- Bullies
- Waste in general
- Arrogance
- Ignorance
- Injustice


Athell used to live in a church on a remote small town somewhere in Varlandia. Her presence there started when she was found in front of the church's door when she was just a baby. The nuns decided to take good care of her and since then she has been the part of the church, living her life alongside the nuns ever since. To grow up in such religious environment somehow built her as an affable person. As she grow up she help the nuns a lot with their religion related stuff, however she haven't had the call to became a nun herself yet. Other thing she do was helping people around the town like taking care of someone's farm, maintaining an inn, etc. However of all the things she did, taking care of the orphans is her favorite things to do as they reminded her of her young self. She used to feel hurt remembering how she was being abandoned but that feeling has never been a resentment to her as she believed that it was God's way to lead her to a perfect life she lived at that moment. Unfortunately she might've thought too soon about her life being a perfect one. One day when she went to run an errand, she had to leave the town for quite a while as she was told to pick up some book for the orphans at Meion to help their education. That day was the day when the miasma came and swallowed off most of the land, including her small hometown. Her heart shattered and she fell apart. At some point she's depressed but she knows being so won't bring any change to what has happened. She decided to keep every part of her little hometown alive in her. Afterwards she heard the news the King had spread himself and realize that the land is in a threatening situation. Danger is everywhere around and she feels like it's a calling for her to do her best to prevent the same thing that happened to her passed to some other as well. From that day on, she decided to fight the miasma as a white mage & protect anyone & anything. Might as well successfully went through it and find her way back to her hometown if only it's still there. Or worst predict, finding it ruined. Either way she just needed to know what really happened & do her best about it.

Chocobo Relation

Patchouli was her mount that she get from a chocobo farmer that she used to help back in her hometown when she was just a little girl. She had him since he was just a little chick. The name Patchouli derived from his nest that used to be made from patchouli bushes. PS : He always smells nice♥

Trivia :
- Currently applying for scholarship.
- Had 2 round hummingbird as a pet named Twinkle & Twilight.
- Her weapon is a gift from a blacksmith back on her hometown, it called Mace of Prayer.
- Her name was given by the nuns, 'archangel' can be found in the middle of it picturing the way she found bathed in the light of sunrise at dawn.
Blooming Bouquet by ChiChiCuit
Blooming Bouquet
I'm not dead just don't have much free time so--

Here's one of my college task for Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet print ad //yesIlovethatfragsomuch
there's no such things as quality for task, everything is about quantity ok? ok //lies

that's all i can say for now kthxbye love you guys♥
I should be doing my paper work but instead I lurk around procrastinating.. Been 3 hours now and it has passed my bedtime, now I'm too sleepy so that's another excuse @ v @;;


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There's A Princess in every heart..
There's A Happily Ever After in every life..
You just have to believe..:iconsparklesplz:


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If you could please buy 'Disney Princess : Enchanted Journey' for me and I'll pay you back with a drawing? Is that even worth it oh my God-- ;;;;;
But I'm dead serious though-- ;;;

The thing is..
I just noticed that 'Disney Princess : Enchanted Journey' has been released on STEAM since awhile ago and tbh I've wanted it since its first released on console (well.. PC too but I really can't find it here in Indonesia), and yes it was looong time ago but I still want it so bad.. Q v Q;;;

I've played it on console (which obviously was not mine) before, and I can still enjoy it if I play with emulator on my PC but it lag soo bad that it broke my heart-- ;;;;
Also I want a fine copy on my notebook too so I can carry it along with me-- TT v TT;;;

I can't purchase it myself since my parent doesn't allow me to have a CC due to my shopping problem I believe l-lol, also I don't have a STEAM account & don't even know how things work there-- ;;;

Sorry for being dramatic but I'm actually serious about what I said, and tbh this is so embarrassing o gosh I'm so sorry-- ;;;
Please note me if any of you could figure things out about this, I seriously offer a fullbody colored pic of your choice, 1 chara though-- ;;;
*is that even tempting oh my God-- ;;;

I'm serious though-- ;;;

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